Share your data, exclusively, without a trace

Share your data, exclusively, without a trace Enterprise

Want to take your organization's information security to the next level?


How about hosting an instance of behind your firewall for internal communication purposes? enterprise can help your organization:

  • Protect sensitive employee data (even if it's been stolen)
  • Protect closesly held trade secrets.
  • Share and discuss legal matters.
  • Safely communicate public/private key pairs, passwords, and other sensitive information that is only exposed once before being destroyed.
  • It's not just your habits, the strength of your passwords, or whether you lock your computer when you step out for a break, its the habits of everyone else on that recipient list. In any cyber attack, the path of least resistance is the fallibility of the human condition.

    At some point, people will start to realize that information security has been heading in the wrong direction for the last 20 years. A few are catching on, but cyber attacks and data breaches will never stop happening. Why not start getting ahead of it?

    Instead of paying more for less, the answer lies in educating and changing habit, then using tools (like to further facilitate and encourage good information security practices. is an Encryption-as-a-Service, burn-after-reading messaging API like no other.

    If you are interested in running on your organization's infrastructure, please reach out to our team with your inquiries at