Share your data, exclusively, without a trace

Share your data, exclusively, without a trace for Chrome :)

A Quick Reference Guide for Chrome allows you to create secure messages (blinks) within text fields across a variety of websites directly from your browser.

You can get the extension here:

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This tutorial will show you how to install it and start using it!

an image showing the blink creation and view process within LinkedIn's messenger


Supported Websites

The following websites are currently supported for for Chrome's closed Alpha:

  • As we receive feedback and implement updates, etc., we will expand the support to a larger group of websites. Let us know if you run into trouble with the app!


    Step 1: Install the Extension

    Download the extension from the Chrome Google store by clicking this link. Select 'Add to Chrome.' This will automatically install the extension in your browser. A blink extension icon should now appear in the top right of your chrome browser. Please remember to reload any page you would like use the extension on before initial use.


    Step 2: Creating blinks

    To create blinks, select the text that you would like to protect and then press Ctrl+B (or right-click and select 'blink' in the pop-up menu). Your text will be replaced by a blink URL. Ta daaa! You just created your first blink!


    Step 3: Viewing blinks

    The extension is not required to view a blink URL, but it does do some nice things for you to make the experience easier and within the web page you are currently viewing.

    We call this an ‘in-line’ display. The extension will recognize blink URLs and shorten them. When the blink URL is clicked, the extension will securely grab the blink contents and display them on the current page. No data at any point is passed through the current web page’s servers.


    Helpful Hints

    The following are some helpful tips:

  • You can set a custom hotkey for blinking by going to Chrome's menu > developer tools > extensions and scroll to the bottom where you will see a 'Keyboard Shortcuts' link.
  • Chrome has a tendency to reset hotkeys after an update, so if the default ctrl+b is not working, you will have to update the setting manually.
  • Can't find your answer? Hit us up on twitter @blinkcloud_