Share your data, exclusively, without a trace

Share your data, exclusively, without a trace does not collect, store, or share personal information.

We take privacy very seriously, we hope you do to.


Creating blinks

When you create a message with, the contents of the message, by design, are abstracted from the details of whomever created the blink. All the platform requires is a message, what goes in that message is decided by you. If you choose to put your own information/sender info in a blink, then that is entirely up to you. The system works best if you leave this information obscure or choose not to include it at all. blink ID's are cryptographically generated and then scrambled to prevent sophisticated attacks. They are not generated using the message or data you provide (like a hash, for instance).


Viewing blinks

No record or transaction history of views of blinks is ever created, generated, or stored. There is no known way to tell whether a blink was a real message created by a human or dynamically generated by the system.


Mailing List

Any email address entered will only be used SOLELY for notifying interested users of important updates regarding, and will never be shared or sold. If you are uncomfortable with that, just check us out on twitter@blinkcloud_or on reddit.


Cookies's platform does not generate any cookies and the entire site can be used with cookies disabled in your browser as well as javascript (although 'copy to clipboard' buttons will not work). Any cookies present are used by, which is an external customer support real-time chat tool that allows us to have a conversation with users who may need to view multiple web-pages on while working through an issue.

These conversations happen through, and no information is passed, tracked, or shared in regards to blinks created, viewed, etc. This goes as well for Google Analytics. We use GA to better understand geographic usage information and none of it can be used to associate a user to a specific creation or view of a blink. If you have cookies and javascript disabled, you can still chat with us by dropping us an email at or hit us up on twitter @blinkcloud_


URL Previewing Tech

Many applications now use URL previewing technology, which scan content of links before users have a chance to click and view the content. What is done with the results of those scans is different depending on the implementation, but it is also a form of surveillance. This is why generates two different kinds of links: two-step links and direct links. 'Two-step' links protect the blink from being destroyed by these services when shared across platforms that use URL previewing techniques.

'Direct' links are the most sensitive type of link created by and are a great way to send secure messages, detect compromised channels, when clicking a direct link, the message contents are completely destroyed instantaneously and are unrecoverable. There are no backups, no copies, no logs.



This privacy statement was personally written by Founder, Inventor, and CEO Jonathan S. Luzader. For questions or feedback, please send a note to